Family Survival System: How To Beat The Odds In A Crisis

The Family Survival System was created to help families get started with the prepping process in order to be able to survive a crisis. The manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to take practical measures to guard your family, your home, and your prized possessions.

Created by renowned US Armed forces member and decorated prepper Frank Mitchell, the guide is aimed at teaching families across the world how to take responsibility for their own safety through increased self-awareness and vigilance.

Not only does the manual offer safety tips and measures to survive through a crisis but also includes advice on how to become self-reliant in everyday life.

The Fist Real Practical Prepping Guide

If you believe that it is entirely your responsibility to ensure your personal safety as well as that of your family then you are already miles ahead in becoming a prepper. While the government has an inherent role to ensure safety  for all citizens, it is unrealistic to think that it can save your family when a crisis – such as famine – hits hard.

A prepper’s main goal is to become independent in all areas of their life. Whatever support that is received from the powers that be is only a bonus.

A lot of pamphlets, guides, manuals, and articles have been written on how to become a prepper but very few offer practical advice like Frank Mitchell’s manual. Frank realizes that the best way that you can become a true prepper is by putting the skills into action as soon as you learn theme.

In this prepping manual, Frank guides users on how to take practical steps that will turn your home into a fortress of sorts. In the end, you will be able to provide for your family through hard  times. Moreover, you will learn some handy safety tips to ensure that your family is protected from common external aggression such as burglars, thieves, robbers, and any form of attackers.

How Does The Prepping Guide Work?

After spending many years on the front-line and experiencing harsh conditions in remote areas of the world, Frank Mitchel rightly understands that becoming a prepper is more of a mental game than merely taking physical steps. As such, this guide starts by preparing your mental attitude so that you build the determination you need to go through every prepping level in the manual.

In the end, this manual essentially prepares you for anything; whether it is a natural disaster, a food crisis, damage from an act of aggression or a financial crisis, you will be in position to survive with minimal damage. This applies to you and your  family, along with your home, property, and other valuable possessions.


A lot has been written about becoming a prepper but nothing offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills like Frank Mitchell’s manual.

It takes you through everything you need to equip yourself with so as to stay safe in a crisis. While there is some information on some seemingly unrealistic doomsday predictions, it helps to highlight the kinds of risks you’re up against at any time.



Whiten Your Skin Safely Using Skin Whitening Forever

Looking for ways to whiten your skin without any harm? Skin Whitening Forever by Eden Diaz is a safe and trusted solution for whitening the skin. It offers information on how to use natural ingredients to create homemade skin lotions that not only brighten your skin but also treat a host of other ailments.

It is a thoroughly researched and wholesome DIY home solution for your skin problems. What’s more the guide shares useful information that helps you better understand the health of your skin.

Why Skin Turns Dark

Every person strives for a clear flawless skin. As a protective organ, the skin gets constant battering by weather and other external factors in the environment, which may cause it to darken.

Naturally the skin’s dark pigment is due to melanin. The more melanin in one’s skin, the darker their tone.

In addition, exposure to UV rays can also darken your skin. Other potential causes of dark pigmentation include air pollutants, cosmetics, poor diet, hormonal imbalances, genes, stress, and environmental factors, among others.

Features In Eden Diaz’

With Eden Diaz’ formula, you can get rid of pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, freckles and a host of other skin problems. Rather than provide a ready to use product, Eden’s formula offers all the information you need to create your own home made skin remedies. All the step-by-step instructions are provided in a clear and concise format for users to be able to follow.


The guide comprises a series of formulas for creating home made skin remedies. You can make moisturizers,
creams, lotions, and facial masks to treat and brighten your skin, all from the comfort of your home. Only
natural ingredients are used and all the necessary instructions are included.
There are more than 22 natural ingredients included for making the various natural skin formulas. All these
ingredients are basic home supplies that are available from home supermarkets. The guide includes information on
which ingredients to use for specific skin types and to treat particular skin ailments.

The program also includes a special diet plan formulated especially to help with the skin rejuvenation process.
This is important as it supports the holistic approach that is employed by the treatment solution. It targets
your overall health as a single entity that needs to be improved, which automatically results into better
results on the skin.

Diaz also shares some priceless lifestyle tips that can help keep the health of your skin in optimal state.

The Main Benefits

Since 100% natural ingredients are used here, there is zero risk of adverse side effects. Finally you can have
peace of mind while using a proven natural skin formula.

Besides lightening your skin, the solution helps to eliminate dark spots, age spots, freckles, blemishes,
rashes, uneven skin tone, and a host of other skin impurities.

It is very affordable. It costs a pocket friendly price and you gain valuable knowledge for a lifetime.

The program comes with support videos to help with the process of making the formulas.

Finally, this solution is proven to work, given the high success rate it has received along with hundreds of
revving user reviews.

Be Every Man’s Irresistible Woman With What Men Secretly Want

Are you putting more effort into your relationship without getting what you want? Does your man seem distant and aloof? Does he keep telling you that he is not sure about the relationship? If you are going through this with your current partner, there are a few things that just aren’t right in your relationship. Most women don’t get it when it comes to relating with men.

Men and women are  not the same  when it comes to dating. Fortunately you can now learn and understand what men really want in a relationship using James Bauer’s relationship manual called What Men Secretly Want.

The manual offers a low down on what men really want in a relationship, thus helping women to finally grasp male psychology in love relationships. James teaches women how to communicate, relate, and respond to their partner in order to increase the love and affection he gives back.

After reading James Bauer’s relationship manual and applying what James teaches, you will transform into a confident, alluring, and naturally attractive woman that every man wants to be with.

Words Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

James Bauer shares a lot of useful information and advice on the male thought process in a relationship. Every woman admits that understanding men is not a walk in the park. Things might seemingly look perfect when all of a sudden he becomes distant and aloof.

Many relationships become painful because partners do not know how to communicate. Men are particularly sensitive to some words. For this reason a decent portion of the guide is dedicated to communication. In addition to proven communication advice, the manual includes step-by-step instructions on how to deal with relationship problems through talking. More importantly the manual includes words that you should avoid when talking to a man.

You may not realize it but some words are enough to create distance in your relationship when said to a man. In the same light, the author shows you how to use certain words to make him addicted to you.

What’s Inside The Manual

The entire package comprises an eBook, a video and audio course, as well as a Q&A section. The information is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know about male psychology. It is written in a clear, easy to read format that caters to native as well as non-native English speakers.

The main eBook comprises 9 sections. Each section builds on the preceding one but the running theme throughout the manual is premised on how to truly understand a man’s needs.

There’s one particular aspect of a relationship that needs to be emphasized and it’s called the Respect Principle. According to James Bauer, this is the single most important aspect for winning a man’s heart. He discusses it in full detail throughout the manual and also provides its practical applicability in romantic relationships.


For any woman out there who is struggling in her relationship, this manual offers a fresh look at how men approach relationships and what to expect from them. By understanding how men think and process things in a relationship, you can transform yourself into a thoroughly irresistible woman.



A Practical Guide To Make Women Want You

Make Women Want You is an attraction guide for men that provides practical skills for attracting women. The information is laid out in an easy to understand way and contains lots of examples of what you can say and do to increase attraction from a woman.

The guide focuses on self improvement tips that men can incorporate into their lives in order to develop the confidence needed to attract any woman regardless of their status.

While the guide focuses on initial sexual attraction, it also provides a lot of advice on dating during the post-attraction phase.

The guide is primarily focused on beginners, who are typically younger men below the age of 30. That being said, the advice applies to any man who wants to improve their game in approaching women regardless of age.

Building Self Esteem

Created by Jason Capital, the main idea of the guide is self improvement for men. Right from the start Jason emphasizes the importance of self improvement for attracting women. Thus many of the attractive traits he teaches revolve around your ability to transform yourself into the best man you can be.

Jason shows you how to take chances in your life and become a better man. Throughout the manual he mentions that you should stretch to your edges, which means pushing yourself to improve always. It’s easy to see how this works; by taking care of yourself and improving various areas of your life, you will feel good about yourself and become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Go Natural Or Use Routines?

There was a time in the attraction game where scripted routines were all the rage. The truth is that routines have their time and place but when you’re serious about attracting gorgeous women, going natural does it better.

In this manual Jason demonstrates how yo can take advantage of both to maximize your chances. Jason advocates the direct approach where no excuses are invented to beat about the bush. But he also suggests a little bit of the push-and-pull technique along with some teasing without really coming out to the girl and telling her what your real intentions are.

Although Jason is not a strong proponent of gimmicks, routines, and games, there are plenty included in the guide just to help you in those moments when you get stuck and struggle with what to say when talking to a woman. No doubt natural game has a slight advantage but sometimes the brain just hits a snag. This is particularly true for beginners because a few bits of proven lines to fall back to in case you get stuck can boost your confidence.

The point is to utilize routines that fit within your conversation context and personality. Routines that are way off  can back fire greatly. As you will see, there are plenty of examples that the author provides that don’t fit every user’s style. The lesson here is to use what fits into your style and personality.

Overall, Jason presents a strong case for young men to improve themselves and attract any woman of their dreams.